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Ceramill Zolid with optimised material properties and assortment update

With Ceramill Zolid Amann Girrbach succeeded in providing high-grade zirconia with aesthetically convincing translucency for monolithic restorations and veneerable frameworks as well as ensuring long-term stability. The concept launched in 2011 has been reworked and fully updated under the motto „as little as possible, but as much as necessary“. The objective – as much diversity and as multifaceted as possible when customising restorations, yet a maximum in efficiency and reliability during processing. The outcome is a compact, clearly laid out group of products featuring enhanced working and material parameters of the well matched individual components meeting all the requirements of a modern dental laboratory where aesthetics and economicalness are concerned.
As a result, the Ceramill Zolid assortment of blanks (Ceramill Zolid Preshades) was extended by 3 homogeneously preshaded blanks. When used for monolithic restorations or as a base for a customised aesthetic restoration, they can be used without colouring liquids* and sintered directly after milling. The user benefits from accelerated processing and advantageous costs.

Exhibitor: Amann Girrbach AG

Organizador pessoal de feiras

Organizador pessoal de feiras

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