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Amann Girrbach extends the Ceramill product range to include a compact 4-axis milling machine for dry millable CAD/CAM materials

With the Ceramill Mikro Amann Girrbach extends its portfolio to include an extremely robust and compact 4-axis milling machine for in-house processing of classic laboratory materials. The Ceramill Mikro impresses in daily laboratory routines with consistent precision when dry milling different materials such as zirconia, PMMA, wax, CrCo or hybrid-ceramics and thus provides an uncomplicated entry into in-house laboratory CAD/CAM fabrication yet with low investment costs. Equipped with intelligent 4-axis technology for processing undercuts and the same high-performance components as its big sister the Ceramill Motion 2, Ceramill Mikro improves daily laboratory routines in terms of efficiency and productivity. Industrial precision axis guidance ensures mechanical rigidity and quick travel paths. Low maintenance and servicing complete the picture of this machine
which is ideal for daily routines in the laboratory.

Exhibitor: Amann Girrbach AG

Organizador pessoal de feiras

Organizador pessoal de feiras

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